b'CLEARTECH|RANDY BRACEWELLClearTech Industries Inc.ClearTech will look back on our 2021 year forissues plague the supply chain for ourselvesimplementation all within the 2021 fiscal three reasons. and other businesses.The difficulties overyear.Successfully taking an ERP project from First, there were twelve months, an entireproduct availability, pricing fluctuations,concept to Go-Live within a single year is fiscal year, of working beneath the shroudtransportation bottlenecks, and even thingsastounding and extraordinary.As a rule, of the COVID-19 Pandemic.The disciplinesas simple as having containers to fill haveit simply doesnt happen.ClearTech was and personal safety practices set in placebeen unprecedented in recent times.Again,an exception.Our team worked through for the spring of 2020, intended to mitigatewe have remained strong because of a teama successful deployment of a powerful the temporary impact on our business,approach.Many of our people leveragedautomated business system in a matter of became entrenched and carried throughalternative ideas and pathways to helpmonths.Well thought out prep work and our entire fiscal year.No one at ClearTechensure we have enough product to keep thedetailed prelaunch steps tested the systems expected to be working under a cloud ofchallenges from negatively impacting ourthoroughly. We still have a few lumps to the Pandemic all year, but we did, and wecustomers.iron out, but our success on this project is did well given the circumstances. From aThird, and maybe most importantly, 2021awe-inspiring. When we went live with the fiscal perspective it was a good year in awill be remembered as the year of NetSuite. NetSuite system on the first day of our 2022 tough time. We are a sales organization and,In an effort to invest in ClearTechs future,fiscal business year, ClearTech could transact as such, it was not easy to do what we doplus enhance overall productivity andas required with minimal disruption. Other best.It was challenging for our industry- customer experience, ClearTech launchedthan the new look of documents, our team leading sales team to be face-to-face witha project to replace the legacy softwaremade this transition imperceptible to our our customers pursuing opportunities andsystem which forms a functional backbonecustomers and maintained uninterrupted helping our customers succeed.Whileto our business.After our team conducted aservice.Kudos to everyone involved for a job growth was difficult to achieve, our entirethorough industry assessment, we selectedexceptionally well done.Once again, you all company remained committed to servingthe software provider Oracle and theirmake me proud to be part of this team.the customers we have.ClearTech finishedcloud-based platform NetSuite as our new the year down in revenue, but we controlledERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system.costs and retained profitability, all thanks toThis is much more than an IT project.It is dedicated people from every part of an organizational commitment to provide our team.a better employee interface and therefore Secondly, we will remember 2020 for theimproved interactions with our stakeholders. RANDY BRACEWELLunprecedented challenges in the supplyWe created a project team of ClearTech chain.ClearTech did an admirable job ofpersonnel, vendor representatives, thinking ahead and increasing stockingconsultants, and PIC support people to take 535 days between starting to levels through the early stages of theon configuring the ERP system to optimizework from home and going Pandemic.That seems like a long timeClearTech business processes.The projectback to the officeago. Replacing inventory was an ongoingwent from concept through software challenge throughout 2021 as a multitude ofselection to configuration, testing, and PIC GROUP 2021 ANNUAL PROFILE 17'