b'CARON TRANSPORT|BRUNO MULLERCaron Transportation SystemsWell here we go! How does one summarizeInterload, our aggregate hauling divisionHealth Services and Health Canada have a year when you thought we had seen it all! also struggled through the pandemic as onechanged on a weekly basis for the past Caron Canadian operations were alreadywould expect. With infrastructure spending5 months. Lead by the Human Resource feeling the slowdown in the Oil and Gasannouncements by all levels of governmentDepartment these changes were swiftly sector across Western Canada and there waswe expect there to be some significantcommunicated to all departments and then still a question mark on the continuationincrease in activity for 2021.implemented in a timely manner in all areas of the mega hydro project in north easternCaron USA continues to evolve despiteof the organization. This was only possible British Columbia called Site C. In responsethese challenging times. Tireless effortswith the effort of every team member out to those realities our team was already veryby our team down south with a lot ofthere and for that I thank you very much. engaged into right sizing our organization.support from our head office, they haveWell then, this has been a tough report to Then Covid 19 hit and crushed the globalthe distinguished position of being theput together. There are a lot of different economy in March forcing us to go intoonly part of our organization that madeopinions out there as to what the future what I would call survival mode, a first in myimprovements year over year includingholds post COVID for all parts of the globe. 40-year career! With a revenue decrease ofthe bottom line without any governmentI think we can all agree that we will have 30 to 40 percent layoffs and other cutbackssubsidies. In North Dakota we are basicallysome challenging times ahead of us in all were initiated to weather the storm withthe last man standing for one of the majorareas of our lives. many unanswered questions about theservice companies and therefore see aSTAY SAFEpandemic. I am very pleased to report thatpromising future in that area when things Caron Canada has recalled almost all ourimprove economically. Our management in team and is in fact hiring certain positions atWilliston continues to diversify our service this time. lines while maintaining incredible cost Ken Johnson Trucking in Langley Britishcontrol. The San Angelo Texas operation was Columbia experienced a somewhat lesshit hard by the pandemic but is now very dramatic decline in revenue from themuch in recovery mode. The managementBRUNO MULLERpandemic. Fortunately, KJT is less reliantteam is continuing their efforts to diversify on the oil and gas sector therefore salesour service lines in that marketplace, but dropped by an initial 20 to 30 percentit has been a challenge with the present and have slowly started to recover toeconomic conditions. 27,000,000 kilometres normal expectations. One of the majorFinally, it has been such a pleasure tocoveredchallenges we have at KJT is finding aexperience how our employees, customers 1 5,000,000 litres of fuel new affordable location. In todays worldand vendors worked together throughconsumedit is very challenging to get permits for anthese very uncertain times. It would not interior tank cleaning facility within mostbe an exaggeration to suggest that rules municipalities. The work continues. and strong recommendations from Alberta PIC GROUP 2020 ANNUAL PROFILE 17'