b'KREOS AVIATION|WES RAMSAY Kreos Aviation Inc.The Kreos Group was built to provide a betterAs the fueler for the major commercialOur breadth of aviation specific services option and experience in business/privatecarriers in Saskatoon, we sufferedallowed our group to weather 2020 and aviation, and we have succeeded every yearsignificant volume loss as they cutstrengthen our ability to expand the Kreos since 2008. This year became a big picturescheduled service.General Aviation salesbrand of travel for many more people. As reset after several years of construction andheld their own.The shining star was ouralways, I am forever grateful and honored acquisition. Prior to the pandemic we wereoff-airport deliveries through Lancasterto work with people who understand, tracking well over 2019 in all areas and hadAviation Fuels.This was a record year forsupport, and own their piece of why we do initiated many of our strategic intentions. new customers and litres, driven by strongwhat we do.April and May recorded the least airtimeagriculture and low oil prices.hours in our history, but July became theIn Regina, our new facility was full within highest.Although total hours were down foreight months of the September opening 2020, we had a record number of inquiriesand in February we restructured our fuel and a significant increase in new customers.business gaining margin and eliminatingWES RAMSAYWe took a long-term approach early andoverhead.We also added a Regina based rolled out a new website and investedaircraft to our managed jet fleet.Our heavily in marketing and digital technology.expansion to YQR has been an early32,890,915 Litres of fuel We started auditing every element ofsuccess and incredibly well received by thesold and deliveredour business believing demand for ouraviation community across Canada and$885,000.00 in parts products and services would grow. Our flightNorth America. inventory - CAMoperations team including pilots, dispatchers, 1 ,234 hours flowncustomer service reps and groomers had to manage and did an incredible job ensuring we exceeded Covid-19 safety protocol directives from Transport Canada and health authorities.We were able to fill every maintenance spot throughout the year at CAM plus squeeze in a few more. We expanded our service offering as Saskatchewans only authorized Robinson Helicopter Parts and Service Centre in support of the growing number of spray operators.We increased the number of managed maintenance contracts, custom aircraft interiors, and third-party annual inspections. PIC GROUP 2020 ANNUAL PROFILE 23'