b'ROUND TABLE MANAGEMENT LTD.|RICK COURTRound Table Management Ltd.This past year has been a journey thatsSome lyrics come to mind from Eric Idle ofI know these crazy times dealing with for sure!The start of the year saw RTMMonty Python fame: Some things in life areCOVID are still here, but Im confident RTM ticking along full of anticipation of havingbad. They can really make you mad. Otherwill remain successful and continues to a wonderfully successful year. We werethings just make you swear and curse. Whenbe proud of being part of the PIC group of following our strategic plan, eliminatingyour chewing on lifes gristle. Dont grumble,companies.some of our weaker properties, resultinggive a whistle. And thisll help things turnThanks to the RTM team and all the support in some additional capital for growth.out for the best. Always look on the brightwe get from PIC. Everyone within RTM was on board andside of life. our journey was gaining momentum. Our total revenue is up over last year and I remember being in Palm Springs in Marchour total vacancy rate is lower than its ever looking at an opportunity for purchasing abeen at 2%.These results dont just happen, boutique hotel when everything explodeda dedicated team makes it happen. with the announcement of the COVIDOur team continues to look forRICK COURTshutdown. Crazy times ahead I feared, andopportunities within real estate as well as I was right. project management. We continue to assist The COVID curveball pushed our teamour sister companies in their growth plans, into a defensive mode to meet and dealand well continue with our strategic plan to1.25 Million Sq ft ofgrow RTM.leased spacewith the challenges that came our way. We 1 45.43 acres of propertyworked closely with our customers (our tenants) and helped where we could. When we experience challenging times its not long before we find out which tenants are strong and able to whether the storm and which cannot. Were told by smart financial people to have a diversified portfolio and Im very glad that RTM follows that mantra. We have a strong mix of industrial, commercial, office and retail properties. Through this time, RTM became a little lighter in personnel, but we pulled up our socks and exited the huddle as a strong united team. Funny how much harder and stressful the workload is when faced with the unknown. PIC GROUP 2020 ANNUAL PROFILE 27'