b'CANGAS|DARREN TOCHERCanGas Propane2020 a year for the history books! Someof SAFELY continued to supply propaneYear twohas now come to a close, we things good and some not so good!! and services to our valued customers. Wehave 17 distribution facilities operated CanGas came out of the gates with allworked hard at keeping healthy and open forby CanGas and our partners, 54 team cylinders firing, grain drying was inbusiness.Month after month we got bettermembers that continue to be second to abundance, our residential and commercialand stronger and continued to be successful. none in the industry, and a large number market share climbed. Oil companiesCanGas focused on putting all the piecesof new propane storage tanks, and related continued to struggle however we weretogether in 2020. We took the time toequipment with year end overall volumes of capitalizing on new customers and volumesoverhaul our financial and operational55+ million litres.because of our dedicated local teamsreporting, a task that has resulted in providing the service our customers askedprofessional reports that allow our team for, once again demonstrating why we areto manage the business in a more efficient THE CLEAR CHOICE for propane supplymanner. and related services. We completed the final year of ourDARREN TOCHERCanGas had set some aggressive goals forpurchase agreement for Pilot Propane. 2020 and we were on track for one of thoseCanGas also acquired assets and customers dream years till things began to change. Atof Pure Heat Energy in Grand Prairie AB at 1 ,536,163 Kms driventhe end of February Covid 19 was advancingthe end of August. 1 .0 million acres Served in rapidly across the globe and by mid MarchWestern Canadamuch of the world was locked down, businesses were closed, oil dropped to below $0 and production was rapidly shut in. CanGas had just seen our customers, sales, and revenues plummet in only a few weeks. This was one of the scariest times in my life, I had no idea what was going to happen or how we would possibly survive the nightmare unfolding around us. We gathered the troops, communicated with facts and the truth, and immediately made plans for survival. We froze spending in all areas we could, worked to ensure our team remained intact, kept on top of our regulatory and compliance inspections and repair commitments with solid support from our stakeholder we stayed the coursePIC GROUP 2020 ANNUAL PROFILE 21'