b'CARON TRANSPORT|BRUNO MULLERCaron Transportation SystemsSometimes survival alone is a good reason to celebrate. For soKen Johnson Trucking saw the retirement of its founder this many of our businesses, the earthquake that was COVID-19 hasyear.I am happy to report the new unleashed a tsunami of repercussions.Supply chain gridlock, labormanagement team provided us with and equipment shortages, microchip supply problems, inflationarya seamless transition, while producing pressures, financial market volatility, and the war in Eastern Europerecord results in both sales and profit. Our Professional has only intensified these challenges. Congratulations! Drivers logged just under 1,000,000 All of us in the trucking business have been scrambling to copeReliance Ventures, our most recenthours this year.with these challenges. And yet, every one of us deserves toacquisition in Fort St. John, had aThe new Leduc take a moment to take pride in being part of the industryvery successful first full year that has proven itself to be the essential backbone ofof operations. Our partnersfacility features a modern economy. In this decade, nearly everyone,managing and operating464 solar panels, from average citizens to regulatory agencies tothe organization continuecapable of producing government leaders, has come to appreciate theto investigate ways ofup to 135 kWh of power, thats magnitude of the job that the trucking industryimproving financial resultsenough to supply accomplishes each and every day.Now to get downthrough cost control andpower to 25 homes.off my soap box, and back to writing about our year. increasing sales volumes.Caron Canada and Interload had an exceptionalIts great to see employees turn around in 2022 and expect to have continuedgathering again, planning growth in all areas.Unfortunately, the barriersBBQs and events.We see more vendors on site and in that have been in place for the last five years or so, suchperson meetings, which is important to the Caron culture. Hats as professional drivers and equipment shortages, are going tooff and a big thank you to our entire team for a job well done! continue to be our limiting factor into 2023.One of the success stories this past year was completing our new terminal in Leduc.I am proud to announce that we now have a facility operated solely by solar power, and at times we are selling power back to the grid.Caron USA continues to evolve as we diversify our customer base.I believe we will have significant growth over the next 12 months, as I am very confident in our talented team down south.TheBRUNO MULLERchallenge once again is the same as in Canada, the shortage of drivers and equipment.PIC GROUP 2022 ANNUAL PROFILE 17'