b'PANTHER INDUSTRIES|CLAYTON SCHNEIDERPanther Industries Inc.If you remember from last years report, you will recall thatflipped every stone to find product and Sales/Production Panther had its best year in history reaching over $50mm. Well,were able to communicate and execute with our staff and I am happy to report that we took that momentum, addedcustomers. Our people did this in spades and were able to some tweaks, took advantage of geopolitics, and went to work!increase our market share in almost every sector.That work resulted in Panther achieving sales just north of $70 million dollars!3) Putting more stuff in bags no doubt was a contributor, but we Panther used In the spirit of our main value We vs. Me, I asked all thecant ignore that this stuff has Managers of Panther to send me their thoughts on how~17,000,000 Board this was achieved. Its remarkable how we were all onincreased significantly due tofeet of lumber the same page and contribute our success to thethe supply disruptions, andmanufacturing following: in some cases, productswooden Pallets for went up 100%. Thisthe Fiscal Year1)Communication. Panther Industries nowalong with increasingPII used 54,957,880 has 5 Cohorts that all have been trained inmarket share allowednails in Total Tribal Leadership, Dare to Lead, and Strengthus to grow sales byLocations last Finders. This allows us to speak the same+$20mm from ourFiscal year.language and gives us permission to ask theprevious record year.tough questions and triad with one another.With our new Robots Panther has 4 scheduled triads a week thatcoming in January, plans include our customers, suppliers, sales,for automating our pallet divisions, and a freshly production, and management.These triadsfinished Strategic plan; Panther is looking forward to have allowed us to work out problems and deal with this fastconquering 2023 while increasing safety and cultivating culture.growth as a team. Concerns, problems, and opportunities are identified and addressed with lighting speed. 2) COVID & Russian/Ukraine war. Last year we all witnessed the unprecedented challenges in the supply chain. This year was no different and in some cases it was worse. With suppliers still trying to catch up from the Pandemic,CLAYTON SCHNEIDERRussia decided to start a war with Ukraine. This led to more sanctions affecting the O&G market as well as commodities like Potash. This is where the triads came in. Procurement PIC GROUP 2022 ANNUAL PROFILE 19'