b'ROUND TABLE MANAGEMENT|LEAH HIENTZRound Table Management Ltd.The 2022 year marked the start of a transition with the retirementPiggott Crescent in Saskatoon.We also concentrated on several of Rick Court. We celebrated Rick for his many contributions and arefantastic opportunities within our existing asset classes, most grateful for his transfer of knowledge and support. notably, the Prairie Research Center located close to Saskatoon. This We focused on revamping our organizational structure to add property features 125,000 square feet of multi-purpose buildings on bench strength for future growth. The need for a Property and Projectover 100 acres of agricultural land and offers fully functional research Management team was quickly identified and Justin McGheefacilities equipped with all the amenities required to securely is the perfect fit to lead that department. We also welcomedresearch, grow and produce new products in all types of Yuri Yuel as our Maintenance Coordinator. Twyla Purschkeindustries.This asset is a unique offering and our team looks remains a key resource as the Real Estate and Leasingforward to maximizing its potential.Manager of our team. 2022 was a year of transition for me with taking on the Our existing properties continued to perform wellGeneral Manager position as well as welcoming a 3rd and we started the process of revitalizing existingchild into my family. The leaders of PIC Investment assets. Our current mix of asset class: warehouse,Group provide a truly fantastic culture where long-industrial, office and retail work and we continuedterm potential far outweighs short-term challenges.to maintain under 2% vacancy rate. We truly2022 presented the opportunity to restructure and appreciate the partnerships with tenants and ourstrategize which gives our team the best launch pad new team members look forward to continuing tofor successful growth in 2023 and beyond. We look build relationships. forward to forging new partnerships, strengthening We also continued efforts to support our sisterexisting relationships and contributing to the culture companies with their real estate requirements. Thisand overall success of the PIC Group.included the acquisition of a warehouse property in Calgary to serve as a new base for ClearTech Industries. The growth and success of our sister companies present partnership opportunities to add value.Our new team focused efforts on familiarizing and strategizing what moves need to be made within our existing portfolio. We started development on select parcels from our land bank including LEAH HIENTZPIC GROUP 2022 ANNUAL PROFILE 27'