b'ADI|LAURA HALE Adventure Destinations Inc.We felt the momentum start to shift in 2022 after a couple ofinterpretation and experiences to guests and partners like challenging years in the tourism sector. Travel restrictions eased,SwimTrek tour (UK-based swimming holiday provider) who have guest numbers increased, and we hosted some internationalrebooked three tours with us in 2023!visitors.Our moose and bear outfitting business We added salespeople to our team, and we undertook the processwere revived by Tony Antoniadis. I cantOver 400km of exploring our organizational values. ADI has seen a distinctsay enough about Tony, he did answam In the shift in our company culture over the last few years, and itamazing job of taking ownershipChurchill was time to identify our core beliefs. of the role, delivered ourRiver by our best experience, and tookSwimTrek Taking Care: we take care of our guests, ourholiday guests.team, our community, our assets, our brand, ourincredible care of our Laura ate guests.environment, our business, ourselves. moose marrow We value and respect everyone equally and theWinter activitiesserved on communities we work and live in. continued to expandsmoked moose at Thompsons Resortmeat for the Best Experience: we deliver the best servicewith the purchase of anfirst time.and experience possible. We build trust throughice fishing shack and year consistency, honesty, agility, and stability. one as lead sponsor of the We modernized and unified our visual brand identity.Canadian Challenge International dog sled race.Inspired by the original ADI globe logo, we reworkedWe matured as a company by defining our values.and developed a new logo which in turn inspired a cohesiveWe strengthened our foundation by adding to our core team. We transformation of Thompsons Resort, Churchill River Trading Post,focused on training and retaining our seasonal staff. We improved Twin Falls Lodge, and ADI Hunts logos.our assets. We are on track with our strategic plan, met our goals We further developed our relationship with Tourism Saskatchewan,and reached our milestones. Thank you team! I look forward to our working to increase tourism in northern Saskatchewan. Togetherjourney and successes in 2023. we hosted a luxury travel tour provider and a group of international travel-trade buyers from five different countries who then returned home to promote and sell ADI in their home countries.ADI strengthened our long-term, mutually beneficial, and genuine relationships with our local First Nations communities to share authentic cultural experiences with our guests. This included co-hosting a land-based education school program withLAURA HALEGrandmothers Bay Culture Camp. And incorporating cultural PIC GROUP 2022 ANNUAL PROFILE 29'